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Who We Are

Businesses that want to grow need to have the proper infrastructure to allow them to communicate effectively, respond quickly, and maxamize customer satisfaction.

Just as social media has changed the way people communicate with each other, it has also changed the way businesses communicate with their customers via audio, video, web, instant messaging, conferencing, presence, and more.

We have taken 20+ years in the telecommunications and networking industry and developed systems and processes to provide you with a premium service at an affordable price. We take ownership of your business communications and the experience you have.


Core Values

Extreme Ownership

At Bullfrog we strive to take personal ownerhip of your needs and go above and beyond to provide a premium support experience.

Bullfrog’s customer service is better than the Ritz Carlton. It’s outstanding, so over the top good! - Jordan Wachtell, CEO, Print Media


Communication is critical when you are providing a service to small and medium businesses. Internal is as important as external communication. At Bullfrog, we have daily huddles at the start of each day to tackle any issues that may have arisen that require immediate attention. We also meet weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. For our customers, we provide multiple levels of communication (ie., Phone, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog, and our monthly Newsletter.)


While the days of a handshake being a committment are gone, we still believe in doing what we say we are going to do, and doing what is right while no one else is watching.


We believe that in order to keep innovating, to keep serving our cusotmers, and to keep leading the industry, that requires teamwork. We work together to put each other first, take care of each other, so that we can take care of our customers.

Our Leadership


Ben Rife

CEO and Founder


Amanda Brooks

VP Sales & Marketing


Tim Grantham

VP Finance


Carrie Lock

VP Operations

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