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Webex provides private school teachers and students with invaluable opportunities to immerse themselves in a comprehensive shared learning experience.

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What are your key priorities for improving student learning outcomes?

What specific Webex features are you most interested in learning more about?

What are your requirements for data security and student privacy in a virtual learning environment?

What is your desired timeline for implementing a new collaboration solution?

Bullfrog is here to provide private school administrations with a way to take full advantage of a game-changing teacher and student-friendly online learning platform with Webex.

Benefits of Using Webex in Private Schools

Enhanced Learning Experiences in a Virtual Classroom Setting

  • ​Virtual classrooms enable interactive lectures, online discussions, digital whiteboarding, co-editing, interactive polling, and more.
  • ​Small group breakout sessions improve student engagement and collaboration.
  • ​Lesson recordings offer on-demand sessions on MP4 video.

Advanced Collaboration Tools for Education

  • ​Messages, video calling, and file sharing can help students have extended and personalized learning sessions, improving their learning outcomes.
  • ​Parents can join parent-teacher conferences remotely, and students can attend class from home.

Streamlined Administrative Tasks for Schedules, Attendance, and Assessments

  • ​Teachers can integrate Webex into their LMS.
  • ​Fluid class schedules ease the management of meetings and recordings and accommodate schedule flexibility.
  • ​Faculty members save time with fully integrated communication and collaboration functionality.
  • ​Frictionless access to resources and communication tools improves teacher training and development.

Participation Without Limitation

  • ​Accessibility and inclusion mean regional, national and international students can learn no matter their location or physical constraints.
  • ​Opportunity for parents, families, and community members to be involved in a student’s education experience.
  • ​Ability to transition to online learning during severe weather situations, temporary quarantines, or other challenging situations.

Enhances Security Protocols

Parents and students can have peace of mind knowing that private data is securely protected by advanced security encryptions in accordance with FERPA, COPPA, and other privacy and security policies.

By creating a secure collaborative, accessible and engaging learning environment through Webex, you’re improving the lives of private school teachers, students and families.

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