Why Bullfrog

While we've won numerous awards in the industry over the years, our greatest accomplishment is our customer retention, with less than a 1% customer churn. We always strive to deliver more value than we're paid. We provide Webex Calling as a fully managed service, allowing you peace of mind, knowing that, as a part of your team, we're only a call, email, or message away. We’ve been servicing US and Canadian small and medium sized business for over 20 years. Our advantage is our people, our process, and our product.



Our engineers hold the top Cisco and industry certifications required to manage complex corporate networks.


Anyone can sell you business phone service, however, not everyone has our customer onboarding playbook. Our process has been tested and improved with each and every customer we onboard. We have it down to an art and a science.


Our solution, Webex, is in use by every major telecom provider in North America. Built on the Cisco Systems architecture, Webex provides you a solution that is Proven, Trusted, Reliable, and Secure.